Armour Cleaning Services
Amy Armour, President

"Ann has been amazing to work with. She looked over the documents for my company and provided me with sound business advice. I don't think I could have moved forward with my business without Ann's professional opinion."

"It is so good to know she is just a phone call away for any question I have for my HR issues."

Central Noble Community School Corporation
Dr. Paul E. Thomas, Jr. Interim Superintendent

"Central Noble had HR Alternative Consulting conduct an audit of our Human Resource process. Ann talked to our administrators, supervisors, and employees. She was able to get a good idea of our strengths and weaknesses in a very short time. Her report was very thorough and provided us a good plan in order to revamp and revise our human resource strategies. I would greatly encourage any business or school corporation to use HR Alternatives Consulting, Inc. in order to upgrade their human resource department or process."

Danville Community Schools
Dr. Denis Ward, Superintendent

"Danville Community Schools has not had an organized support staff handbook for several years. We were facing the task of converting from a single sheet of information to a totally organized handbook that would provide all of the necessary employment information. HR Alternative Consulting, Inc. provided services that in the end provided a comprehensive handbook in a short period of time and at a very reasonable price. Ms. Ann Fisher provided our school corporation with a product that would have taken us an incredible amount of time and energy to produce without her help."

Foster Results, LLC
Jennifer Foster, President

"HR Alternative Consulting has been a valuable asset for my organization as we have continued to grow and add employees. They provided us with job descriptions, performance evaluations, and standard operating procedures. By making sure we are compliant with human resources policies, they have allowed us to focus on growing our business."

Indiana Association School Business Officials
Mark Miller, Director of Professional Development

"We want to thank you again for participating as an instructor for the IASBO Certification Program. This program was designed to provide top quality instruction to new school business officials and ongoing professional development for veterans. It is only through the dedication of experienced professionals such as yourself that we can ensure that participants will be provided with the highest quality of instruction."

Mitsch Design
Jeryl Mitsch, President

"Ann Fisher of HR Alternative Consulting has worked for our company since 2005 and has served on our Board of Advisors, since 2006. Ann has structured our HR Department to meet all federal and state compliance laws, works on-call/on A site, and provides us with custom documentation."

"Ann has shown outstanding professionalism. She is a pleasure to work with. Her knowledge as a human resource professional is outstanding. She has always gone over and beyond, to meet our company needs."

Mooresville Consolidated School Corporation
Curtis Freeman, Jr., Superintendent

"Ann Fisher with HR Alternative Consulting has already helped us with a couple of projects that we felt needed her expertise. She provided in-service to our administrative team on interviewing techniques, and we all feel it was very well done. She was concise and covered all the right information--which we hope will keep us out of trouble and improve staff selection. She also helped us do a major revision to our support staff handbook. As a result, we now have a more comprehensive manual, which states all our policies in a professional manner."

"I would wholeheartedly recommend HR Alternative Consulting as a source of professional help for all your human resources needs. She will tailor her services to meet your needs. I found her very thorough and excellent to work with."

MSD of Decatur Township
Don Stinson, Superintendent

"HR Alternative Consulting conducted a complete audit of the MS of Decatur Township Human Resources Department. Ann Fisher was very thorough as she researched our policies, procedures, and compliance practices. As a result, we now have a complete "road map" to re-design Decatur's Human Resources into an efficient, productive, results oriented department that will serve our staff well. I highly recommend the services of HR Alternative, as school districts determine the need to have true human resource professionals become a part of your team."

ProMed Medical Management, Inc.
Diana Maxam, President

"As a small company, it is virtually impossible for me to have a human resource employee on staff. HR Alternative Consulting has been the perfect solution for helping me stay in compliance within my company and with the government."

Gerry Erb, COO

"Ann Fisher, President of HR Alternative Consulting recently conducted a comprehensive audit of RepuCare's HR policies, procedures, and compliance practices. Ann was very professional, thorough, and easy to work with. Her fact-finding included both a review of our current policies and procedures and interviewed management, HR, and employees. She provided us with a detailed critique including areas of concern and improvement and a plan moving forward. I highly recommend her services to insure that your HR program is both current and compliant, as well as to provide a strategic roadmap to enhance and integrate the HR functions, as it is an integral part of your business planning."

Tippecanoe School Corporation
Dr. Susan DeLong, Assistant Superintendent for Personnel

"HR Alternative Consulting, Inc. provided the following services, which include a HR Evaluation (Audit) of the Human Resource structure and a custom Support Staff Handbook."

USTA/Midwest Section
Dorian Dyson, CPA | Director of Finance/Admin

"The USTA/Midwest Section, a non-profit organization that is comprised of 14 districts within five states, contracted with HR Alternative Consulting, Inc. to do several projects. One of the projects was a compensation study for several positions within each of its Districts. In our estimation this project was a challenging one since the USTA/Midwest Section's district positions are unique and the districts are located in five different Midwestern states. Ann and her team were very knowledgeable and always available. It was a pleasure working with HR Alternative Consulting, Inc. and we would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a company that truly cares about their work and the product that they put out."

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